Clad in elegant dresses of dark purples and blacks, the raven-haired Keeper flicks her mismatched eyes to and fro with an analytical gaze. Though she maintains a polite demeanor, her true strength lies not among the company of others, but among the pages of dusty tomes and amid library shelves.

❦ ❦ ❦

Commonly seen during evenings in both Ul'dah and the Mist, Rouena travels often between the two. Though her residence is within the Goblet, she's frequently absent for days at a time; more often than not, she's instead haunting a particular establishment, the Jeweled Cypress.


Originally an Elezen from Gridania, Rouena left her home and traveled to Ul'dah, eventually finding her way to the Order of Nald'Thal. Despite lacking in training, she proved herself through a combination of natural talent and sheer persistence, and became a fully-fledged thaumaturge.

Having since left the Order (though maintaining cordial relations) she chose to pursue her research independently, and later joined a group associated with the Jeweled Cypress. Along the way, she encountered transformative magics, inadvertently finding herself turned into a Keeper - but despite some misgivings, she has come to appreciate her new self.


At first a bit reserved, Rouena is almost unfailingly polite - even if she keeps herself at a distance from others at first. When something piques her curiosity, it's at times difficult to resist the temptation to learn more, and she's often willing to offer her knowledge and expertise where it's needed. In friendship, she's steadfast, loyal, and always kind - and will drop anything she's doing to help.

Any of the following could pique Rouena's interest (among others!)

  • Thaumaturgy (theory and practice)

  • Historical research and ruin-delving

  • Ul'dahn goings-on

  • Books and literature, of any sort

  • Fine wines, and those with a taste for them